What the hell is happening to Bitcoin price? Bitcoin Christmas!

Bitcoin is going crazy – let’s hang out and talk about it. Let’s also talk about buying Bitcoin as a Christmas present and why it’s so important!

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  • adrian peirson| 29/01/2018

    The Crypto community should work together, pay $1 each and fund radio and TV advertising to introduce the public and small online stores to cryptos and how to accept cryptos online.
    This would introduce more people to cryptos but,more importantly, put a real economy behind cryptos.

  • spawn2882| 29/01/2018

    it hit 20,750 usd today

  • Charif Abdeslem| 29/01/2018

    Lord jesus , send some one to bless me with some bitcoin so i can trade them for more ,1HjEvZBieVSkJhvGfm7CSE23mvNFx1UjnC

  • Philip Madison| 29/01/2018

    If you look at the charts from 2013, very similar to what bitcoin is doing right now

  • Eduardo Fortuna| 29/01/2018

    Bitcoin is gonna crash…Your ass modafoker. Bitcoin and the other Criptocurrencies are only in the beggining!

  • Lori Dotson| 29/01/2018

    You are very cute. Too bad I'm old enough to be your Mom.

  • drunkensessions| 29/01/2018

    It's very painful to listen to this shithead's accent…

  • adam baker| 29/01/2018

    hey from British Columbia Canada…….great job………thanks

  • 420 Blaze it| 29/01/2018

    another great video Ivan ! this is my bitcoin address; 152aeHKZEZtTTyH72VCkwkLMEadJWfBz8d

  • 420 Blaze it| 29/01/2018

    another great video Ivan ! this is my bitcoin address; 152aeHKZEZtTTyH72VCkwkLMEadJWfBz8d

  • 420 Blaze it| 29/01/2018

    another great video Ivan ! this is my bitcoin address; 152aeHKZEZtTTyH72VCkwkLMEadJWfBz8d

  • Grant Hunter| 29/01/2018

    The benefits of blockchain tech is undeniable. However, this video is more of a sales pitch akin to mlm than a serious discussion of 'What is happening to Bitcoin price'. Considering you are a 'programmer' offering your thoughts to give people a different perspective on the real workings of crypto, this is of low value.

  • Mike Menace| 29/01/2018

    Trying to get rid of college debt. ANYTHING helps! Thanks!
    Bitcoin Address:  1HkL2Dsddp2CYvRS4czaBw3wCxbJtihTPL

  • David Schoeve| 29/01/2018

    i sent my close family bitcoin earlier last week and they were excited to see it grow.. its defiantly a good thing to do.

  • Aditya Choudhary| 29/01/2018

    Great insights.. love your channel
    BTC.. 3M8xZCEn6YR8LZ6tyGBi9f7jAReUhJPEiY

  • Pokepoke Fox| 29/01/2018

    it will be hard to short that so called "unique animal" insane times 🙂 – yesterday 2.5k sell wall at gdax – today 10k – extra caution =)

  • PfC Wells| 29/01/2018

    Bro don't get caught in the where you from thing. You give good crypto tech information… Point being you don't need to do the money giveaway either. That's just a jemic to get new viewers.

  • CaliC4| 29/01/2018

    to fix frozen browser have the guest just refresh the browser and it will work just fine. Easy fix

  • sidfor911truth| 29/01/2018

    I think what is lacking here is a historical perspective and perhaps lack of knowledge about the current money system that this world operates on: fiat currency distributed by fractional reserve central banks. I personally believe that this current price run for Btc has nothing to do with the futures markets that will be opening soon (those are cash settled, btw, no delivery of actual btc will be made…essentially the futures markets will be used to 'hedge' longs on btc). Perhaps we can all take a different perspective: could what we are seeing in the price rise be an indicator of how hyperinflated all the fiat currencies are (in particular the dollar)? What might be happening is a sort of price discovery of an asset, a currency, that is deflationary by nature: there will only ever be 21million btc. How many dollars will there ever be? As many as the criminal banksters at the Fed decide to create with keystrokes. When you look at the forex markets, what do you see? Currency pairs that are all RELATIVE. The Dollar is compared to the Euro and vice versa. When you look at the Euro, that is also a 'eased' currency… they have been creating 60 billion euros out of thin air for quite some time back in 2012-2013… compare one inflated currency to the other, and they call the dollar 'strong.' Bullshit. There has been no standard that is deflationary to compare the real inflation of the dollar to (precious metals are all 'product delivery' in theory, but the Comex market knows most don't take delivery of gold… so paper derivatives of gold and other deliverable commodities abound… manipulating the price of gold down artificially). This is all for a reason. The fiat systems, and their fractional reserve banking systems have been scamming us… FOR CENTURIES. Until now. Now there is an actual global currency, fully digital, that is also scarce. The banksters can do little besides tell the bought and paid for politicians to ban cryptos…. but then all that vibrant startup economy simply leaves your shores (look at what happened to Australia). To be sure, fiat and the banksters that run it, have been in control for a reason: brutal brute strength. Look at what happens to those that thumb their noses at the petro dollar, for example. Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein met their ends for crossing the petro dollar (Saddam was selling oil for Euros, Qaddafi was creating a gold-backed currency that would retain purchasing power). It will be very interesting these next couple of years, these are historic times we live in.

  • Marco| 29/01/2018

    omg its Rob Gronkowski! lol

  • Subrajyoti Saha| 29/01/2018

    Bull run of BTC will end with 40-60% crash

  • Mr. Head| 29/01/2018

    Swedish? But…you don't look like you're north African :/

  • CRYPTOacademy| 29/01/2018

    Ivan, is an incredible dude,your level of explaining blockchain from the programmers perspective is incredulous

  • Monster Vodka| 29/01/2018

    I don't think buying at these prices to give as gifts is a good idea. Maybe, if purchased under 10k.

  • Monster Vodka| 29/01/2018

    I need to catch you live one of these days. Much RESPECT! I think big players are making the price rise just to short it when futures come out.. just like you said.

  • Mario A. G| 29/01/2018

    You look like an elephant on steroids

  • Michael B. Isbell| 29/01/2018

    It hit 20k yesterday, just immediately dropped to 15 afterward.

  • marko vitic| 29/01/2018

    Hi Ivan, i ' m interested in antminer litecoin. i wanted buy antmainer from bitmain but few day ago i read some article that some newly antminer machine should be released in few months. do you know something about that? Thanks in advance

  • David Pappas| 29/01/2018

    I am worried that once Bitcoin starts trading on the CBOE and CME, they will try and crash the price. Any thoughts?

  • jessica james| 29/01/2018

    i bought 2000 BTCs back in 2009 when it was $0.09

  • LexDW| 29/01/2018

    I really enjoyed hearing your perspective on bubbles

  • BogusGore| 29/01/2018

    Too late to become a millionare? Probably.
    Too late to earn a little profit? Not at all.

  • cpapadourakis| 29/01/2018

    There is only the Force, There is a Balance between Light and Dark, There is Power in Serenity, Victory is ONLY found in Bring the Force back into Harmony, To bring Balance back ONE must Strike Hard and Fast, ONE Must use Power to Break the Opponent, Power requires restraint to bring back Harmony, Strike to hard and Chaos is Born. Knowledge Teaches the Restraint to keep the Balance. Thanks Master Walker. BTC ETH DIM NEM

  • Fábio Raposeiro| 29/01/2018

    The person who bought the 100.000U$ Cat is probably selling for 150/180k !
    I think most of the people are really investing right now expecting a massive adoption and they´ll have a lot of kittens from early generations to sell. I can see a money machine for those early adopters as always.

  • santy33143| 29/01/2018

    Bit Coin is FIXED to go UP and UP so they can make a lot of money from all of you.
    They will not let you sell out before it crash.

    1-GDAX Coin Base Exchange Cheats users.

    I start playing with it, making small amount of money and sending it back to my bank 12/07/2017.

    Before I want to sleep the BTC price was almost at 18K more or less so I let a buy order if it gets down to 15K.

    I waked up 8AM this morning I saw the crash and I just try to cancel my order to get a better option, I count not cancel the BTC price even went below the 15K and the order never went trough.

    I don’t believe in causality, this Coin base shit is FIXED they don’t want people taking money from it….

  • arsjaad poese| 29/01/2018

    Nuclear war coming…. Black Swan anomalies are bad.

  • Kobe Bryant| 29/01/2018

    if you're feeling generous donate some bitcoin it'll be going towards paying off my student loans. Any amount is greatly appreciated i'm just trying to have fun investing (hard when I am limited financially lol) and hopefully it leads to paying off my loans one day!

  • Nanderia Lemos| 29/01/2018

    who can donate a small fraction of bitcoin to this Wallet: 1Btxw2ffnD9x3rijWK8ihmWwduraRsK124 I'm in Brazil and I need a lot of donations. Thank you very much.

  • Mark Paul Perry| 29/01/2018

    Hi, i just sent my friend, (as a test run,) £14.12 worth of bitcoin from coinbase to coinbase, he received £1.80 and £12.55 went on network fees!!! i thought the whole point was fees where a minute fraction of the whole bitcoin concept. !?!

  • Cryptofox| 29/01/2018

    of course newbies,fomo, greedy and whales perfect combination for a bubble.

  • Mac W| 29/01/2018

    CBC news story from today

  • Wayne Johnson| 29/01/2018

    I am sending $25 of bitcoin for xmas to family and friends what a way to spread the words

  • jason riley| 29/01/2018

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