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  • Zim Sa| 29/01/2018

    Guys, though you have some uncertainties about this, in my opinion Bitcoin do worth to try tho, check this out if you, re interested, may be helpful :

  • Aguila701| 29/01/2018

    It's still an idea that needs to be backed up by "real" money.

  • Kisses6279 Kissed| 29/01/2018

    If you want to buy some you can use this link.
    Start with 100.00 and learn as you go. You can buy a piece of coin and still profit.

  • DecimateGamer91| 29/01/2018

    "cuz its like kleenex" lol cuz it cleanses your money to buy drugs, hitmen, child porn or whatever u want.

  • hellatze| 29/01/2018

    And here i thinking how bitcoin can cause inflation.

  • SeaNix| 29/01/2018

    I got robed and they stole all my robux

  • LizzuTHEONE| 29/01/2018

    Hi all,
    Most traditional exchanges stopped registering new users.
    Even Binance after its initial explosion recently stopped registrations.
    For those of you who are looking to get promising coins – such as Deep Brain Chain (DBC), Neo (NEO) or RaiBlocks (XRB) – there is a great user friendly alternative. 🙂
    Recently started exchange – KuCoin – which offers great functionality, and with community allowing USERS – yes, users – to regularly vote on which coin to bring in next!
    It is not clear how quickly KuCoin will get adopted, but taking Binance as an example it might be concluding registrations soon enough.
    KuCoin offers invitation program – where part of the fees are cascaded – so if you do check it out, and decide this is an exchange for you – please consider using my refferal link:
    Thanks for reading, and good luck trader! 😉

  • Jordan Wright| 29/01/2018

    Looking to discuss the next big crypto? Join the fastest growing cryptocurrency discord server here and get at chance at winning 500 XVG: https://discord. gg/DAeN6Pu

  • MobileDecay| 29/01/2018

    I'd rather just have sex. So yeah. 😊

  • I does De Gaming| 29/01/2018

    I don't get it, are we soon going to have to use bitcoin to pay our bills, taxes, and buy food and other things from stores? Will paper currency be obsolete? Please someone explain…..

  • Alen Molnar| 29/01/2018

    What a silly confused explanation…

  • Enrique Alvarez| 29/01/2018

    So how do you trace Bitcoin?

  • GangWar GangWeezy| 29/01/2018

    but if you have no internet no matter how much Bitcoin you have you're broke?

  • Olive King| 29/01/2018

    Anytime Bill Gates is talking. It's full of $hit 💩💩💩

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