The 1 Bitcoin Show- Lightning network progress, Ethereum Classic, Brhodium wallet, Bcash

There will always be Bitcoin FUD, you need to learn how to tune out the crypto-noise. February seems like a good time for Bcash to pump on some manufactured Bitcoin FUD fake news. Brhodium’s…

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  • onemindonespirit| 29/01/2018

    Bitcoin Shamitah sounds like a great crypto dividend.

  • ajfeinman| 29/01/2018

    awesome show. I will also be in Tel Aviv in a few weeks. Noah's ark!

  • Nathan Millen| 29/01/2018

    It’s called dragon fruit. Put it in the freezer first to get a good chill on it. Don’t let it freeze though. Best way to eat it

  • Henry I| 29/01/2018

    Dragon fruit is also called Pitaya in Latin America; it's used to make a delicious fruit juice. 😛

  • Gym| 29/01/2018

    Let us know if you get your rhodium Adam cos until it's in your wallet, you ain't got it.

  • silverfoils| 29/01/2018

    Can anyone help me understand how I messed up claiming my B Rhodium? I did everything OK apart from I used the wrong public address to generate a signature on my ledger nano s. If anyone can tell me how to get the correct public address associated with a particular wallet it would be most appreciated. Cheers.

  • chrisiden| 29/01/2018

    DragonCoin what else?

  • KonaChuck22| 29/01/2018

    Dragon fruit. Two varieties. One white inside, one purple. Best served cold.

  • Blasay| 29/01/2018

    Dragon fruit is delicious and extremely healthy, pricy too!

  • Charona| 29/01/2018

    Re King of the Trolls. I heard Travis Wright call him 'Bcash Jesus', which is what I'll call that troll from now on. Love it 🙂

  • Peter Lambert| 29/01/2018

    Pound that like button
    Pound that like button
    Pound that like button.

  • nontheistcapitalist| 29/01/2018

    Lightning network is going to kill the use case for btrash

  • OBJEX ONE| 29/01/2018

    yes adam dragon fruit…….white and black inside…..had many times in tapei…….(hăochù) delicious in mandarin or pinyin

  • Peter Veinot| 29/01/2018

    I got my BTR but the amount was wrong.Sent them an email..

  • Matthew| 29/01/2018 has been doing a good job listing fork coins, already dumped my BCD, SBTC, and BCX; and making my Bitcoin stack grow even more, I can't believe there's people who even buy this stuff.

  • buddetime| 29/01/2018

    dragonfruit and it's yummy. enjoy

  • Luke Townley| 29/01/2018

    Dragon fruit. Is it echoing in the comments???

  • Tay nology| 29/01/2018

    its Called Dragon fruit , I belive

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