Crypto Dip Continues – Can Bitcoin hold $10,000?

The cryptocurrency market correction has continued along, with Bitcoin barely hovering above $10000 and altcoins falling even harder. Main stream media companies are already pronouncing that…

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  • Crypto Bobby| 29/01/2018

    Hands up if you're getting text messages from friends and family making fun of you today… 🙌

  • Marco| 29/01/2018

    From everything I've read its got something to do with 'Futures'

  • Zoma Islam| 29/01/2018

    Wow! Great and very informative video. I liked it. Good job. Keep going!

  • Asher8509| 29/01/2018

    Good good, hopefully it drops really low so I can buy it and get in on this. Only when I get Bitcoin I expect the value to go up again

  • William Cheung| 29/01/2018

    When people lose money all they say is GOTTA GET IT BACK!!

  • Garth Seeman| 29/01/2018

    I'm not worried. Please don't freak out folks! If you stay in and the cryptomarkets collapse, then it was a failure. If you pull out and the market skyrockets you will be the failure. Don't let the FUD roll around between our ears. Let the CNBC guys be the failures. They are hoping this market dies but I refuse to let a douchebag dictate to me about what's best for me and my family.

    HODL All!!!

  • Calin Petrescu| 29/01/2018

    Bobby, I had a look at this selfkey thing. Please tell me I'm stupid and these guys are not awesome

  • Jens K| 29/01/2018

    People are "broke" after Christmas & new-year. No worries. Just BUY!!!! if you can.

  • Paul John Longua| 29/01/2018

    I truly feel that South Korea is trying to manipulate the market. Today, for the third time, they're making news about banning illegal cryptocurrency exchanges or anonymous exchanges. Fool me once South Korea, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

  • Scott Waldman| 29/01/2018

    Where is the convention in Miami? Thanks.

  • bestaeroplane| 29/01/2018

    I loved Bitconnect and Control Finance, woohooo!!!!!!!!!!! Look at Carlos ,he invested $25k and now he has $100k in his account. Woohooo

  • Dylan Hamm| 29/01/2018

    Hey brother great video! I'm wondering if you have heard of skycoin, it's a third generation commodity backed cryptocurrency with zero fee instant transactions and it has its own blockchain. They are looking for YouTubers to do interviews with and I think your channel would be a great choice! If you are interested please email me at Thanks!

  • MgBlazer77| 29/01/2018

    The audio is different from the first part into the second. New mic would help, sounding blown out a bit. Some headphones could also help with sound mastering, audiotechnica are great!

  • Proud Soldier| 29/01/2018

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  • Marc Fabian| 29/01/2018

    Bobby is one of the few experts on youtube that I trust. Everything else is just noise.

  • d3rkaderk4| 29/01/2018

    Bitcoin seems to be holding above 10k. We'l see where this goes.

  • Jennifer McIver| 29/01/2018

    Thanks for getting up early to make these videos. I love waking up in Seattle and having a video ready from NY to watch. Have fun on your trip.

  • Philip McAlister| 29/01/2018

    got in last two months, did well thanks to you SIR. Cashed out profits b4 correction and road the wave. Buying discounts now.
    cannot wait for the next pump, govt regulation is the enemy so information is essential. Thank you Mr. Bobby. $$$ Lambo? naaaaa, maybe just a nice bottle of Opus. TY

  • Benjamin I.| 29/01/2018

    Go to zero Bitcoin, I dare you. I won't flinch.

  • nothingspoke| 29/01/2018

    I have confidence that the market will recover, im going to come in now, is it bad i think the negative numbers are good for me to buy as a beginner

  • Devan Cowan| 29/01/2018

    Got in today at 10150. Got in the first time at 13500 at the beginning of last month. I'm not to worried though, I believe that bitcoin and other Crypto are the future so it's all long term. You haven't lost any money if you don't sell, that's the way I look at it.

  • little Hello Kitty| 29/01/2018

    What's up Bobby today I made it my mission to go out and tell 10 people about Bitcoin I had amazing results

  • Roberto Coppel| 29/01/2018

    i got in yesterdar got the chance to buy everything with discount

  • Harry pat| 29/01/2018

    Top man Bobby..the only way is up long term.

  • Matthew ferrari| 29/01/2018

    Look at the futures contracts, everyone who actually wanted to know why figured it out. BTC isn't going above 11k for 2 months, or it will boom before the contacts due and then it will plummet.

  • Kelvin Blom| 29/01/2018

    Buying verge like crazy in these times

  • julia silva| 29/01/2018

    Rob thank you for all your efforts in creating videos, I find them extremely helpful and comforting especially during dips.

    P.S. you’re hot 🔥

  • Chyle Devries| 29/01/2018

    Big into crypto. Love the crash! Ride the bits! Enjoy the uprising! #HodlAllDay #HodlOnABudget

  • Paul Fr| 29/01/2018

    hey man been in crypto for about 6 months now just wanted to reach out and say I love the vids listen to the vid/podcast everyday while working at my house renovating right now. hard for me to be staring at the computer all day and I really enjoy the show. love that you dont let any of the bear runs phase you I feel the same way while other people are freaking the f out.

  • Niceone| 29/01/2018

    Getting better now. Aaaah…

  • Rayyan| 29/01/2018

    Should I buy big now since the price is down?

  • Michael McGraw| 29/01/2018

    It s jumping out of the ditch!!

  • Jakub Keller| 29/01/2018

    I love this.. mmmm drama

  • selected_stone7| 29/01/2018

    Red from the blood of weak hands selling

  • Galactic Warrior| 29/01/2018

    Sensible and calm as always, thanks Bobby.

  • CryptoLandon| 29/01/2018

    The Justin Timberlake of crypto!! Love you videos bro! I listen to your podcast everyday on my commute home from downtown Austin, TX. Keep up the great work!

  • VideoEditorScott| 29/01/2018

    do you use a crypto momentum scanner?

  • Victor Van Pellicom| 29/01/2018

    How do i best store my bitcoin? It's currently just sitting in gdax. It's not much (less than 1000 bucks) but still a lot to me.

  • Jeremie Zook| 29/01/2018

    Should a newbie buy into bitcoin now or wait and see if it starts to go up again?

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