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  • ColdFusion| 29/01/2018

    The much requested video about cryptocurrencies is finally here. In this episode we'll take a look at what cryptocurrencies are and how they compare to the current monetary system. Enjoy!

  • Alex Hein| 29/01/2018

    Wow so no more dollars

  • brady nields| 29/01/2018

    8:13 Bitcoin is also a debt-free currency which is the exact opposite to all the debt-based fiats we have today.

  • Kellan Sherwood| 29/01/2018

    Am I the only one here that he sounds like an Aussie? Idk if this has already been established or not.

  • Get rid Of Money| 29/01/2018

    Please do a video on RBE or ubuntu contributionism- REAL solutions to capitalism.

  • Get rid Of Money| 29/01/2018

    Really, if you want to talk about financial solutions, forget crypto, forget UBI. UBI is common, boring, goverments and the rich are pushing for it which speaks volumes. Instead look at UBS (services) which is almost RBE.

    Solutions to 90% of humanities problems ( ):

    Alternative economic systems:
    – a Resource Based Economy (RBE)
    – The Ubuntu Contributionism System (TUCS)
    – an Open Economy
    – a Freedom Economy

    – The Venus Project (TVP / RBE) – Jacque Fresco
    – The Ubuntu Contribution System (TUCS)- Michael Tellinger
    – The Free World Charter (open economy) – Colin R. Turner
    – New Earth Nation (NEN) – Sacha Stone
    – Intentional Community Sharing (ICS) – you
    – The Mocica Project – mocica .org/en/Project
    – Paradism – Rael
    – The Valhalla Movement
    – Copiosis
    – The Zeitgeist Movement
    – The Transition

    Books on getting rid of money:
    1- UBUNTU Contributionism: A Blueprint for Human Prosperity by Michael Tellinger
    2- The Best That Money Can't Buy: Beyond Politics, Poverty & War by Jacque Fresco
    3- Escaping The Fish Bowl: The Awakening To A Freedom Economy by Robyn Moyle
    4- Trekonomics : The Economics of Star Trek by Manu Saadia
    5- F-Day: The Second Dawn Of Man by Colin R. Turner
    6- Into The Open Economy by Colin R. Turner

  • Itsiwhatitsi| 29/01/2018

    Are we killing the banks with the crypto technology?

  • A H| 29/01/2018

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  • ALBERT EINSTEIN| 29/01/2018


  • August Rush| 29/01/2018

    well what about apps like coinbase?

  • Kristofer Apol| 29/01/2018

    This ICO seems so promising! do the right thing for yourself and register right away! Future you will thank you 😉

  • Lance Dias| 29/01/2018

    Can u do a video on masayoshi son and his fund

  • sheshe7 j| 29/01/2018

    Sounds like a trap to me it's like we are setting the stage for Amazon, Walmart ect. to take control and devalue everything

  • How_to's| 29/01/2018

    From 17000 to 13000 ….

  • typehelvetica| 29/01/2018

    whats the name of the first track? sounds very familiar, thx

  • Hamadema හැමදේම| 29/01/2018

    recive TIM ERC 20 coin from TIM airdrop😍😍😍
    GO fast cheers

  • DetoxHealth| 29/01/2018

    It's a dangerous technology. It's virtual currency. It's fluctuating uncontrollably. It's a zero sum game. If there are big winners, then there will be big losers on the other side of the transaction. We have the real thing – cash, coins, notes, certificates of deposit. Why not just have the real thing ? Far Safer.

  • Jawad H| 29/01/2018

    Goverments around the gloab should educate them self, blockchain is the futre and would take the world to the next level.
    Let the banks die, we are all tierd of the high fees and regulation. What i dont get is if the majority of people want such a solution how can a minority of 1%(banksters and other rich people) decide…..

  • Chuck Pope| 29/01/2018

    You can all feel free to send me those useless US Dollars, haha. I didn’t think so, and until then buyer beware, Bitcoin could be the cause of a lot of heartache, so far so good, but that could all end just as quickly as it appeared and that is a reality.

  • Kevin Rhine| 29/01/2018

    Here’s a major hurdle for crypto currencies and really anything based on blockchain tech… energy consumption. The amount of raw energy it takes to process the blockchain is growing. And as these currencies gain momentum, that energy consumption will only grow faster. There is a finite limit to computing, a fact that many overlook simply because most consider cyberspace to be unlimited. That is true only in theory.

  • happytv| 29/01/2018

    Selection of cryptocurrency that can earn money

  • Zainan Victor Zhou| 29/01/2018

    there is a typo on caption around 2:50 when lisa mentioned "decentralized" but caption says "decentralized"

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