Alligator Indicator for IQ Option

IQ Option – Binary stratagy Alligator Indicator for IQ Option …

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  • mohit garg| 19/01/2017

    please review price action strategy bcoz that's the best way to know the behaviour of this real market …thanks

  • keshav dhananjay| 19/01/2017

    martingale strategy please!

  • Oussama BENYAALA| 19/01/2017

    More indicators please Thanks.

  • Robin B.| 20/01/2017

    I want to know, how to analyze Forex market to know the right time to trade and wrong to trade and also use Bollinger Brand to reduce the risk.
    Can you tell us please 🙂
    please please………..

  • Amanda Speelman| 21/01/2017

    I'm really interested but I'm afraid please guys tell me is it honest business

  • JADZ| 22/01/2017

    what strategy do you usually use?

  • starseed raah| 25/01/2017

    thank you very nice strategy.. is your moving average fix for the period?

  • paricha tiandee| 27/01/2017

    whats time frame you set up?

  • John Oliver Victorio| 28/01/2017

    when is the best time to use alligator strategy and when it should not?

  • vishrone bindeseri| 02/02/2017

    Hedging / straddle strategy for binary options please

  • Rudel23| 03/02/2017

    You're using a linear graphic….Can you use a candle stick chart as well?

  • jousey junior| 09/02/2017

    Let me get this straight if the yellow line is on top of the other 3 lines i should call and if the yellow line is under the 2 reds then i put??? Am i right

  • Leila R. R.| 28/02/2017

    Great video, very useful,
    VUt could you make some video with MA and AO.

  • Willy Wijaya| 31/03/2017

    my heart is like alligator at the last 30 second 😂😂

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